Emissions: Impossible?

Saving the earth from space

October 04, 2021 Kim Season 1 Episode 4
Emissions: Impossible?
Saving the earth from space
Show Notes

UK Research and Innovation brings you hope for the planet in the form of a nine-part podcast.

Hosted by Broadcast Journalist Kim McAllister and featuring experts from across the UK, ‘Emissions: Impossible?’ showcases some of the most ground-breaking research and innovation in climate change. We look at fashion, food, transport, health, space, and more.

In this episode we shoot for the stars in asking 'how can we save earth from space?'

Space scientist Hugh Mortimer joins Kim to discuss how satellites are monitoring the earth and giving us data about forests, sea temperatures and lots of other markers of climate change.

Dr Murray Collins and Professor Ed Mitchard from Space Intelligence explain how their research is informing governments across the world and helping to save the rainforest.

Dr Caroline Cox invites us to spot clouds in satellite images in her Cloud Catcher project, which will help her team take more accurate measurements from space.

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